Marcio March

So I will live forever

I don't need anything anymore
So the whole life
My wife
My cigarette
Artists don't stop thinking
So I will live
With my eternal time
So many songs
And Bob all day
I don't stop anymore
So I will be
To die on the beach
with 5:45 pm Sun
The dogs barking
Children running
That breeze
That smell
I'm the whole world
The weather won't change
My back will break
Classic photography
The perfect art
I don't want to change anymore
I won't rest anymore
So I go back to the sea
Or Europe to live
I know she will die
So nature created it
My last country
Star Wars at 70
The Planet of the Apes
Back to 3154
My home on Mars
Flowers for everyone
Advertising in space
Tiberius will not return
King Lear almost killed me
So he ended up
Like Dionysus and the Lords I was
Counts who ate their own mother
In front of the father who assisted him
I don't think about going back
Just for everyone to visit
She was my soul
Eating a mermaid in flat water
Open a Portal and enjoy
With Life I don't want to stop.
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