Critical Text

Marcio March

The living body: photographic experiences of the work of Marcio J. March.

Photographer Márcio J. March reveals good surprises in his work. Customizing a
contemporary man, this restless artist sees the world through the lens and
result in works on your body. Redo the path of our ancestors and bring us
atavistic issues so exhaustively dealt with in Greco-Roman societies, so concealed
in medieval times and again rescued in a Europe that was discovered to be neoclassical and, therefore, affects the appreciation of the human body and man as a whole.
Márcio likes to photograph himself, in his work we see an overvaluation of hands, feet,
twists and head. Your intuition is strong and true as your gaze - which presents itself as a
be open to all possibilities, including stripping and freeing yourself from all
layers imposed by society - always so castrating.
Here we must pause to emphasize that this photographer - as a person from the
world - is ready for the future. Marcio does not fear the future - he simply swallows it and
satisfies. Your body is your work - your work is tattooed on your body.
However, it is much more than that. As a multimedia artist, Márcio March makes technology
your partner, your confidant, your equivalent. Noise, troubled life, new
technologies fill you with pleasure and are also fuel for your work.
He, who, telepathically chats with televisions and radios, amalgamats with each of his
circuits - as if he were part of them, Márcio J. March, intensely lives the issues and
horrors of the modern world and this is reflected in his work - so bodily, it bleeds,
in a process that is equivalent, from the inside out, as well as the outside in. Him
feels and photographs - intermittently and vitally.
In a good and long look at the work of the artist in question, we realize how much it
allows different approaches, so in line with what contemporaneity expects of
we, open spirits to accept the new, the unusual, the instigating. Realizing - not without
sadness, that now is fleeting, changeable and increasingly distant from tradition, ancestry and perpetuation of immutable rules.
On the contrary, Marcio March's work dialogues with these uncertainties - without accepting them complete, bringing us a new and special way of seeing society, embodied through
his countless self-portraits, placid, distressed, in communion with nature, revolted,
lustful, insubordinate - it doesn't matter. They are all prisms of the same photographer -
resigned to not being able to always produce more and more.
Marcio J. March, is ready to let himself be seen around the world - using the world and whom
it inhabits it, as a mainspring for your photography.
His truth is his work. Whatever else comes - hopefully if it is for the good, that it will come, if it isn't, there is no support. We hope that the artist's journey will be long, free and full of
success. The work is there to support what we postulate.

Paulo Leonel Gomes Vergolino.
Graduated in Arts at the Federal University of Pará, Master in Visual Arts at UNICAMP
and PhD student at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University of São Paulo. Lives and works in São
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